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We would like to invite you to read the following instructions, which show basic functions of the online platform Virtual Warehouse "ShareStock".

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Screen view after logging in:

Product searching

Below there are shown some hints connected to product search. The most important skill that facilitates working with ShareStock is using the sign * (asterisk) when entering the desired product designation. This sign replaces any phrase and it can be used anywhere in the text you type - at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end. When you search for goods, you can use more than one asterisk sign!

It is often useful to narrow down the search results to one manufacturer - you can do this by entering the name of the part manufacturer, or selecting it from the drop down list.

The system has the ability to find replacements for the products you are looking for - below we show how it works.

Searching screen

Exaples of search results with different uses of asterrisk sign ( * )

Examples of search results with specified name of manufacturer

Examples of search results with replacements found

Ordering products

Placing orders from the ShareStock platform is done with the use of so-called "shopping basket". At the beginning, the selected products found with the "Search" function are added to the basket. Then there is procedure of confirmation an order for products that were previously added to the shopping basket.

What is important, unlike standard online stores, ShareStock allows you to send an inquiry about the product you are interested in. Sending the offer inquiry looks similar to sending the order and also takes place from the level of shopping basket.

Adding products to "shopping basket"

Adding products to "shopping basket" - continue

Adding products to "shopping basket" - continue

"Shopping basket" - options

"Shopping basket" - placing an order

Confirmation of an order

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